MARINA FLOOR interior with palm tree inside


capacity Seated up to 180 | Reception up to 300

The Marina Floor portrays boats docked in a marina. The booths are sport fishing boats outfitted with leather seats, real fishing gear and tournament flags. A sense of place is reflected in the hand-painted symbols of the seasons that pay homage to the Mohegan Culture and the life size sperm whale that represents the natural Inhabitants of the rugged northeast coast.

TIKI DINING interior with wooden chairs and tables


capacity Seated up to 50 | Reception up to 75

A great semi-private area, the elevated Tiki Dining Room overlooks the Marina Level. Tiki statues, torches and a bamboo bar make this an ideal space to make a big statement with a totally tropical theme from welcome umbrella drinks to an island inspired menu -- grass skirts and coconut shells optional.

PORCH OF INDECISION interior with wooden chairs and tables


capacity Seated up to 150 | Reception up to 175

The porch is the perfect location to sip a Margarita and watch the boats cruise by. Your group will love the open air seating overlooking the Thames River and wall to wall windows that open when the weather is beautiful or close to keep you warm and dry when it isn’t.

Event Capacities

Area Seated (up to) Reception (up to)
Marina 180 300
Porch of Indecision 150 175
Tiki Dining 50 75

Floor Plans


A image with Marina floor plan. Visually impaired customers please call for assistance.

Porch of Indecision & Tiki Bar

A image with Porch of Indecision floor plan. Visually impaired customers please call for assistance.